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Librarian Recommendations for Children
  • Blog Recommendations
    • Esme's Birthday Conga Line
    • I Am a Baby
    • Honest June
    • The Puppy Problem
    • Manatee Summer
    • The Rent Collector
    • Honestly Elliott
    • Red Scare
    • The First Cat in Space Ate Pizza
    • The Last Beekeeper
    • Louisa June and the Nazis in the Waves
    • Shadow Grave
Children's Booklists by Grade
Toddler Booklist
  • Toddler Booklist
    • Blue Hat, Green Hat
    • Little Turtle Tries
    • Counting Animals with Lily and Milo
    • Some Dinosaurs Are Small
    • This Little Pup
    • Something Stinks!
    • No More Naps!
    • My City Speaks
    • Good Job, George!
    • Stroller Coaster
    • Where is the Dragon?
    • People Don't People
Preschool Booklist
  • Preschool Booklist
    • Dozens of Dachshunds
    • LMNO Peas
    • Dino Pajama Party
    • Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons
    • Space Mice
    • SuperJoe Does Not Do Cuddles
    • Ways to Welcome
    • Secret, Secret Agent Guy
    • The Octopus Escapes
    • It Looked Like Spilt Milk
    • Wood Could
    • Inside Cat
Kindergarten Booklist
  • Kindergarten Booklist
    • Ten on a Twig
    • Chill Chomp Chill!
    • John's Turn
    • It Fell From the Sky
    • Dumplings for Lili
    • The Cat and the Rat and the Hat
    • Chez Bob
    • Amy Wu and the Patchwork Dragon
    • Being Frog
    • The Great Bunk Bed Battle
    • Horse and Buggy Plant a Seed!
    • Goat in a Boat
1st Grade Booklist
  • 1st Grade Booklist
    • The Day the Crayons Quit
    • Mr. Complain Takes the Train
    • Norman Didn't Do It
    • The Goldilocks Zone
    • Art is Everywhere
    • Don't Worry, Bee Happy
    • The Best Seat in First Grade
    • Baby Monkey, Private EYe
    • I'm On It!
    • Doggo and Pupper
    • Geraldine Pu and Her Lunchbox, Too!
    • Shell Quest
2nd Grade Booklist
  • 2nd Grade Booklist
    • On Account of the Gum
    • We Are Water Protectors
    • I Can Build It!
    • Stinkiest!: 20 Smelly Animals
    • Monster and Boy
    • Ghoulia
    • Bo's Magical New Friend
    • Pug Blasts Off
    • Snow Place Like Home
    • Super Detectives
    • Cat Crusader
    • If You Take Away the Otter
3rd Grade Booklist
  • 3rd Grade Booklist
    • Bad Kitty Gets a Bath
    • Jasmine Toguchi, Mochi Queen
    • Best Friends-ish
    • Nixie Ness, Cooking Star
    • Isaiah Dunn is My Hero
    • Mac Undercover
    • The Best of Iggy
    • Real Pigeons Fight Crime!
    • Mission Moon
    • Max & the Midknights
    • Crabapple Trouble
    • Bei Bei Goes Home
4th Grade Booklist
  • 4th Grade Booklist
    • Willodeen
    • The Mouse and the Motorcycle
    • My Life as a Potato
    • Shouting at the Rain
    • Fly on the Wall
    • Halfway to Harmony
    • Loteria
    • Front Desk
    • Pilu of the Woods
    • Hooky
    • Orca Rescue!
    • A Ben of All Trades
5th Grade Booklist
  • 5th Grade Booklist
    • The Book of Three
    • Dragons vs. Unicorns
    • The Beatryce Prophecy
    • Out of My Mind
    • Show Me a Sign
    • Those Kids From Fawn Creek
    • Say it Out Loud
    • When You Reach Me
    • Stealing Home
    • Stargazing
    • How We Got to the Moon
    • Unspeakable: The Tulsa Race Massacre
6th Grade Booklist
  • 6th Grade Booklist
    • Amari and the Night Brothers
    • Glitter Gets Everywhere
    • The Ruins of Gorlan
    • Red, White, and Whole
    • Becoming Muhammad Ali
    • The Comeback
    • The Boy Who Failed Show and Tell
    • Oh My Gods!
    • The Okay Witch
    • We Must Not Forget
    • Fallout
    • Never Caught, the Story of Ona Judge

More Booklists?

For more and expanded booklists for kids, please contact the Children's Reference Desk. Need booklists while at home? Click on the Ask a Librarian tab on the right side of the screen.

Or find great book recommendations 24/7 on Novelist K-8 Plus, a database of fiction and nonfiction books that offers reviews, author read-alikes, theme-oriented booklists, and more!

Seasonal Booklists
Autumn Booklist
  • Autumn Booklist
    • The Scarecrow
    • Full of Fall
    • Summer Green to Autumn Gold
    • Sweater Weather
    • In the Middle of Fall
    • Lawrence in the Fall
    • Yellow Time
    • Thanks for Nothing!
    • Runaway Pumpkins
    • Dance Like a Leaf
    • A Fall Ball for All
    • Friendsgiving
First Day of School Booklist
  • Back to School Booklist
    • We Don't Eat our Classmates
    • The Day You Begin
    • Gib-ber-ish
    • Danbi Leads the School Parade
    • First Day of Unicorn School
    • My First Day
    • The Pigeon Has to Go to School!
    • I Got the School Spirit
    • It's Not a School Bus, it's a Pirate Ship
    • School's First Day of School
    • Big Shark, Little Shark Go to School
    • A New Year
Read Alouds Booklist
  • Read Alouds Booklist
    • Clementine
    • Barkus
    • Babe: The Gallant Pig
    • Charlotte's Web
    • Harry Miller's Run
    • Frindle
    • Brave Red, Smart Frog
    • Esperanza Rising
    • Heart of a Samurai
    • Look Both Ways
Scary Booklist
  • Scary Booklist
    • Fright Club
    • We're Going on a Goon Hunt
    • Shadow in the Woods and Other Scary Stories
    • Small Spaces
    • The House of Dies Drear
    • Scary Stories for Young Foxes
    • Hide and Seeker
    • Root Magic
    • Are You Afraid of the Light?
    • The Ghoul Next Door
    • Shark Summer
    • Don't Turn Out the Lights
Books for Older Children
Biographies Booklist
  • Biographies Booklist
    • Becoming Kareem
    • The Faithful Spy
    • Infinite Hope
    • Endurance
    • The Girl Who Drew Butterflies
    • House of Dreams
    • Free Lunch
    • Some Writer!
    • Just Like Rube Goldberg
    • Enemy Child
Historical Fiction Booklist
  • Historical Fiction Booklist
    • The Unexpected Life of Oliver Cromwell Pitts
    • The Blackbird Girls
    • Two Roads
    • Grenade
    • Ahimsa
    • The Bicycle Spy
    • Prairie Lotus
    • Our Castle by the Sea
    • Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
    • White Bird
Horses Booklist
  • Horses Booklist
    • Across the Dark Water
    • The Rose Legacy
    • The Hungry Place
    • War Horse
    • Paint the Wind
    • Horse Girl
    • Lizzie Flying Solo
    • Ivy Takes Care
    • Horses: Wild & Tame
    • American Pharoah
Mystery Booklist
  • Mystery Booklist
    • The In-Between
    • Julieta and the Diamond Enigma
    • Midnight at the Barclay Hotel
    • Winterborne Home for Vengeance and Valor
    • The Body Under the Piano
    • The Parker Inheritance
    • Trespassers
    • The Missing Dragon
    • Agent Moose
    • The Mystery of the Moon Tower
Books for Younger Children
Feelings Booklist
  • Feelings Booklist
    • A Place Inside of Me
    • Tiger Days
    • When Sadness is at Your Door
    • Don't Worry, Little Crab
    • Jenny Mei is Sad
    • Wemberly Worried
    • I'm Happy-Sad Today
    • There Are No Animals in this Book!
    • The Feelings Book
    • Right Now, I Am Fine
Great Nonfiction
  • Great Nonfiction
    • The Brilliant Deep
    • The Secret Project
    • Gravity
    • A Ray of Light
    • Lesser Spotted Animals
    • Dazzle Ships
    • Giant Squid
    • Doing Her Bit
    • Dazzle Ships
    • Her Right Foot
Monster Booklist
  • Monster Booklist
    • Crankenstein
    • Don't Push the Button
    • Not Yeti
    • Gustavo, the Shy Ghost
    • Frank Was a Monster Who Wanted to Dance
    • Zombies Don't Eat Veggies
    • Lights Out Leonard
    • The Most Terrible of All
    • Romping Monsters, Stomping Monsters
    • Go Away, Big Green Monster!
Mythical Creatures
  • Mythical Creatures
    • Oona
    • Coral
    • Is It a Mermaid?
    • There's a Unicorn in Your Book
    • Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great
    • Uni the Unicorn
    • Cliff the Failed Troll
    • I Love My Fur!
    • The Grumpy Fairies
    • Bo the Brave